At Taylor Maid Cleaning Service we feel when you environment is clean you are happy, motivated and healthy.

Mona Taylor owns and operates Taylor Maid Cleaning Service which was founded in 2018 in the Quad Cities.

"Your environment shapes who you are.  If you live in a clean environment you are a happier, healthier, and more motivated person. I try to use only Eco- friendly cleaning products to be pro health and better for the environment, not only for myself but for the clients I clean for."

At Taylor Maid Cleaning Service we offer a variety of cleaning services that's for everyone. We provide cleaning services to both sides of the river in Illinois and Iowa in the Quad Cities area.  Please check out our SERVICES page for the services we offer.

At Taylor Maid Cleaning not only do we want to offer Eco-friendly cleaning but also trust and consistency.

Please inquire us about our discount offers!!!

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Tel : 205-412-9712

Located in the Quad Cities Area. Rock Island, Illinois.